Game Dev

At Game Dev we teach you how to code video games from scratch (not to be mistaken for Scratch, the language of Legends). We help mere mortals like you and I. If you're new to coding, learning Processing in class, or want to start making games, you're in the right place! We have a variety of lessons merging practical coding that expands on the ICS2O course with the unique perspective of Game Development. Where other courses teach how to code, we explore what you can create with basic coding skills. Computer lab rules apply, so no food is allowed. We suggest having lunch before coming to our lessons.

Come to the Dojo, Room 222, Thursdays at 11:45!

Disclaimer: We provide code for demonstration and educational purposes. Do not copy our code for use in school assessments, especially when it goes beyond the scope of your class. We may use advanced techniques in our lessons and will clearly mark when we do. It is up to you to use your discretion keeping in mind that they are fully aware of these materials. When in doubt, ask your teacher. Their word is final.

Our Lessons

Read these - it's dangerous to go alone. Check the speaker notes for extra content!

Season 4 (ISP Workshops - Summer Series) - Coming soon: hone the skills needed to craft your ISP.

  • Lesson 17 (2018-04-25) - Animation and Graphics
  • Lesson 18 (2018-05-02) - Intuitive User Input
  • Lesson 19 (2018-05-09) - The Art of Debugging (Part 2)
  • Lesson 20 (2018-05-16) - Images, Fonts, and Files

Season 3 (The Caves) - Delve deeper into more advanced topics. Welcome back, to The Caves.

Season 2 (ISP Workshops - Winter Series) - Learn how to put your know-how to use in practical projects.

Season 1 (The Basics) - Get started with key coding concepts and the Processing IDE.

Our Team

The ninja Lyons who make Game Dev possible.

  • Valentina Krasteva (Teacher Supervisor)
  • Lev Raisman (Supervisor and CPT President)
  • Andy Pham (Branch Head)
  • Dereck Tu (Teacher)
  • Dereck Zhang (Teacher)
  • Catherine Huang (Assistant Teacher)
  • Sophie Lan (Assistant Teacher)
  • Marina Semenova (Training Executive)
  • Megan Holmes (Training Executive)

The Vault

Extra content that we don't teach at meetings.

The Dark Ages (2017-2018) - Satisfy your morbid curiosity with Turing Lessons from Game Dev's conception.

Game Dev Recommends - Dive into where we learn how to make games and what we use to make them, with our favorite resources from across the Internet.

Game Dev Web Exclusives - Coming soon...